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Here’s the TOP QUESTIONS I get about the healthy vending business. Don’t see your question? Feel free to reach out via my Facebook Page.

How much money can you make in the vending business?

Vending is a 42 billion per year industry. You can make millions. Or you can make nothing. Everyone’s success depends on a host of variables. Location, business smarts, type of vending machine, scalability etc. There’s no guarantees. And there’s no limits.

Do you recommend Healthy vending?

Well that’s where I started. I’ve talked to coffee vending owners, ATM machine owners, and ice machine owners. I decided to start with healthy vending. I’m very happy so far. But as I scale my own business I will look into other vending platforms.

How much did you invest to get started?

I invested 32k. My purchase got me vending machines, training, and placement services. It was well worth it for someone new just starting out.

What if I don’t have cash to buy new machines?

I didn’t either! I actually decided to look into every funding option I could find. I share the full story in my podcast. I found five different ways you can fund your own vending business. Click here to listen to that podcast. Also, you can buy a machine from a distributor and even finance it. No need to buy three at a time like I did if you don’t have the cash.

Should I use a healthy vending company to get started?

Each healthy vending company has the same business model. They offer machines, training, and placement services. You can learn a lot from the training. Just be sure you do your research on the type of machine they are selling. Here’s 75 questions you should ask any healthy vending company. In addition, most of these companies have a very hard time placing machines. Plus, they mark up the cost of their machines significantly to cover their overhead costs. Contact me to learn more about my personal strategy.

I’ve got more questions. Can I speak with you directly?

Absolutely. I remember how intensely I needed to talk with other vending machine owners before I got into this business. Feel free to contact me via the Facebook page, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Whatever you prefer. I’d be glad to answer any questions you might have.