Episode 003: How Much it Costs to Get Started in Vending


===>> How much did I spend and what did I get?

  • 30k initial investment (minimum)
  • 3 machines w/video screen
  • Placement of machines
  • Software for setting prices in machine
  • Software for remotely observing the machines, how much they make, inventory, etc
  • Lifetime warranty on machines
  • Lifetime of coaching
  • Did I fail to mention placement!
  • Training at location
  • Website for your business
  • Sales materials and templates
  • Training via materials and coaching team – they have been great so far
  • Ability to scale after 90 days with 10% down on each new machine

In sum – entire vending business model plus location services.


NEXT Episode – how to get funding if you don’t have cash (or at least what I did)


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