75 Crucial Questions YOU MUST ASK ask any Healthy Vending Company!

Here’s a list of 75 Questions you Must Ask!

If you’re thinking about getting into healthy vending you have two options: Go it alone or go through a franchise-type company. If you decide to go through one of the Healthy Vending companies, you need to ask a lot of questions first. And you need to know which questions to ask. All of these companies are NOT created equal. But their sales staff will try and convince you that they are the best.


Here’s a list of 75 questions you need good answers to. Some are more important than others. I have put them in bold print:


  1. What is the weight and size of your machine?
  2. Is your machine Made in the USA? If so are you willing to provide me with a country of origin letter from the actual manufacturer stating this?
  3. Does your machine meet the industry standard as a “Glass Front” Vendor?
  4. Is your machine equipped with Low-E triple pane argon filled glass?
  5. Does your machine have an Adjustable Zone Temperature control?
  6. Is the snack area of your machine chilled or ambient temperature for products that can melt?
  7. Is your machine Energy Star Rated? Can you provide documentation confirming it meets Energy Star 3.0?
  8. Is your machine NAMA Listed?
  9. Are there any executive members of your factory on the NAMA Board of Directors?
  10. Is your machine CSA Approved?
  11. Are you a Licensed Distributor of your factory?
  12. Are there other Distributors of your machine in the United States?
  13. Does your machine have programmable Health and Safety settings by range and row for perishable items including yogurts, smoothies, milk, etc
  14. Does your machine have the ability of vending healthy products such as sandwiches, salads, fresh fruit, yogurts smoothies and other fresh products?

  15. Does your machine have energy efficient LED lighting?
  16. Does your machine have single and dual coil options?

  17. Can your machine and coils be reconfigured for different product sizes including Entrée items? If so in what ways? Can it be reconfigured in the field?
  18. Does your machine have a barrier tray that can be moved to adjust temperature zones?
  19. How many KWH per day does your machine use?
  20. What is the standard and total product capacity of your machine?
  21. How many different drink selections can be vended from your machine? to cans and bottles?
  22. Does your machine have a high capacity can tray option to increase drink variety and capacity?
  23. Does your machine have a programmable timer option for locations that require it?
  24. Does your machine have the ability to offer time of day discounts?
  25. Does your machine have free-vend and combo vend modes?
  26. What brand of coin mechanisms and bill validators do you install in your machines?
  27. Does your machine have an optional touch and swipe 7 inch full color LCD screen?

  28. Does your machine have an optional LCD screen that displays product nutritional information?
  29. What Telemetry/Credit Card options do your machine come with to provide debit/credit card ability and wireless reporting? What are the costs associated with this telemetry?
  30. What type of vending route management software do you provide and what are the costs associated with it? Is it a cloud-based system?
  31. Is your machine ADA Compliant?
  32. Does your machine have a lighted keypad display Braille identification?
  33. What is the cost of your machine? What does the cost include?
  34. Are your machines shipped and installed directly into the secured vending location or to my garage or warehouse?
  35. How many different machine types do you offer? Are there Coffee, Frozen Food, Snack Only, Drink Only, Fresh-Food and Micro Market options?

  36. Do you offer an “Outdoor” version of your machine.

  37. Has your company only been in the Healthy Vending industry or are you part of a vending group that has sold machines designed for junk food?
  38. How long is the Warranty on your machine and can your provide documentation of your warranty prior to purchase?
  39. Do you offer a Full Service Warranty?
  40. Does your Warranty cover 100% of the parts during its time period?
  41. Do you have any Franchise Fees/Royalty Fees or additional Fees and if so what are the amounts?
  42. Do you provide exclusive territories or do you offer a first right of refusal to your operators?
  43. Does your company have buying arrangements with National Product Distributors? Do your operators get bulk buying discounts and at what amounts?
  44. Am I required to purchase product through you or can I purchase at the lowest possible cost for outside sources?
  45. Does your machine have infrared product “Guaranteed Vend” technology?

  46. How many years has your Machine Manufacturer been in business?
  47. How many Service Entities does your machine manufacturer have in the United States?
  48. Has your company or any predecessor company been fined by a State agency? If so which ones and why?
  49. Has your company had any charges brought against it by the FTC or a State agency?
  50. Can you provide me with your agreement for review?
  51. Do you pay Operators to provide reviews or references for you?

  52. Does your company provide Factory financing?
  53. Does your company provide Factory Direct Pricing on Equipment?
  54. Is training included in the cost of your machine and is training completed in person at your facility, through a webinar or through a training CD?
  55. Is there a cost associated with training?
  56. Do you provide white glove delivery and installation of the machines into the secured vending location at no additional cost?
  57. What type of marketing material do you provide to your operators and what is the associated cost?
  58. Do you provide shirts and business cards to brand my business?
  59. Do you have a full time nutritional expert on staff to provide product sourcing, training and advice on nutritional planograms?
  60. Do you have a full time Operations Manager to provide technical support or do you only offer technical support through the machine manufacturer?
  61. How many actual Healthy Vending Operators do you have in the United States not counting the traditional junk food machines you have sold?
  62. Do you own and operate healthy vending machines yourselves?
  63. Can I visit your factory prior to purchase?
  64. Can I come visit your company prior to purchase?
  65. Do you have a dedicated In House Locations team or do you utilize outsourced third party location service companies?
  66. What % of your machines has your company placed in Public and Private Schools in the United States?

  67. What are the top 5 location types that your machines are typically located in?
  68. Do you have a minimum daily foot traffic qualifier of 125+ for you location procurement services.
  69. Will you provide me with a list of the last 100 Locations secured as a comparison?
  70. Do you provide a dedicated Location Account Manager to manage my account?
  71. Do you provide a Site Survey prior to purchase in order to gain a broader picture of the territory?
  72. How many Healthy Vending machines has your company placed in the United States?
  73. Are you an International Healthy Vending company or do you just service the United States?
  74. If you provide services outside of the United States can you please explain the process?
  75. What is the cost for location procurement from your company or third party service?

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